VIP Bus from San Jose

Do you call San Jose home? Is race day commuting making your experience less than awesome? Well it’s time for you to “Get on the Bus” as we say, the VIP Bus that is. Now you can travel in style and care free race morning by taking our charter bus from San Jose to The East Bay 510k. Tickets are available during the registration process and also by contacting us at [email protected]

As an added bonus, we’ll have your shirt and race number waiting for you on on the bus.

Here’s the details:

Location: Old Century 21 Theater Parking Lot, 3162 Olin Ave, San Jose.

Participants should arrive by 5:45 am

Departure Time: 6:00 am sharp

Arrival at Start Line in Berkeley: 7:00 am

Depart Finish Line in Emeryville: 11:00 am – bus will pickup on Shellmound St., south of Ohlone Way

Arrival in San Jose: 12:00 noon

Pre-race snack & drink are included.

Questions? Email [email protected]