So you want to know a little about Represent Running, huh? Well, we like long runs on the beach, we like barbecues, we dabble in the occasional cold adult beverage… but most of all we just try to do the right thing. The production team behind Represent Running is a passionate group of individuals that simply want to execute excellent events.

With all of our events we set out to create an event by the local community, for the local community. There are a lot of races to choose from these days. From musical half marathons to color run craziness, you can find a generic series every weekend. And those are GREAT events. In fact, we have learned a ton from each of those events. But we believe there is power in knowing your community and producing something special for the people in it. We know the local charities, we attach authentic local sponsors, and we treat our runners like our neighbors. Frankly, because our runners ARE our neighbors.

We encourage the whole Bay Area to come to The East Bay’s 510k, but more than anything, this run/walk is for each of you that live here. Come one, come all.