The 4th Annual Run the Bay Challenge
We have three events in the Bay Area including the San Jose 408k, Across the Bay 12k & 415k, and The East Bay’s 5k/10k. Oh, what shall we do? Tie them together you say? We agree and we are pleased as punch to invite you to attempt the Run the Bay Challenge!

If you finish all three events in 2016 then we’ll hook you up with a big ol’ Run the Bay medal for being so darn adventurous. We keep track of your finishes so at the third race you just need to find our Run the Bay tent and pick up your medal (or run that 3rd event as a Remote Runner and we’ll pop your medal in the mail after the actual event occurs).

All you have to do is register and complete all three events in 2016 and earn the brand new Run the Bay Challenge Medal (ready for it’s unveiling soon).

The San Jose 408k Race to the Row, March 6th, 2016:
Across The Bay 12k & 415k, July 10th, 2016:
The East Bay’s 10k, October, 9th, 2016: